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Government Minister crucifies Conwy Council over handling of Pier

Local MP and Minister of State for Wales, David Jones, has heavily criticised Conwy County Borough Council in his latest blog posting of 6th April 2012:
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The corrupt Conwy County Borough Council's bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for just short of £5m towards the £10m restoration of the pier has been REJECTED, leaving the council-tax payers of Colwyn Bay with a massive £200 per household bill for repairs, which by law will have to be carried out at the Council's own expense, if they want to continue to insist they own the important Grade II listed building.

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You heard it here first!

Pier NOT in new ownership

Despite the press release put out by the corrupt Conwy Council saying they now own the pier, they DO NOT. The pier remains owned by Steve Hunt & Family on a trust of land, as it has been since December 2003.

Mold County Court are to hear 2 cases on 23rd April 2012 - the first to confirm Steve Hunt's ownership of the pier as per clearly stated in the provisions of the Law of Property Act 1925 - the second case is concerning the illegal expenditure by Conwy Council on the pier - the illegality of the expenditure has already been confirmed by KPMG, the Council's auditors.

HUNGER STRIKE for Justice suspended after 100 hours

I am pleased to report that after 100 hours of hunger strike, I had a very constructive meeting with David Jones, local MP and Minister of State for Wales. We reviewed the evidence of Conwy Council's actions against me in recent years, and following the advice of Mr Jones, a plan of action has been formulated.
I am now compiling a dossier of evidence, which will be reviewed by Mr Jones, who will assist in directing the right complaints to the right bodies. It is anticipated that a formal complaint, backed by evidence, will be made to North Wales Police by the end of the week.
Therefore I have suspended my hunger strike, pending the submission of evidence to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

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The Council, in collusion with the equally corrupt Insolvency Practioners RPG, are going to buy the Pier from RPG for £35,000 of taxpayers money, then spend another £1,200,000 of taxpayers money demolishing it. Yes, that's YOUR MONEY they are going to be spending on this, not theirs.

WHY? - quite simply it's a personal vendetta against me for naming and shaming them for the corrupt scum that they are. I'm rather flattered to have made such an impact to drive them to such extraordinary lengths!

The pier DOES NOT FEATURE IN THE REGENERATION PLANS - it never has done... they have been plotting to get rid of it for ages, despite the rubbish they've managed to brainwash the "Pier Pressure" group with. Of course what they are doing is completely illegal, but with the so-called justice system in their pockets, they seem to be able to get away with anything (well, at least so far).

"But the pier is a listed building, they can't demolish it?", I hear you all cry...

Ah, but after THE FIRE (not sure exactly what date the pier is going to "accidentally" catch fire yet, but quite soon...), they are going to argue that the pier isn't worth saving and apply to have it de-listed paving the way for demolition before Spring 2012 when phase 2 of "Concrete Alley" takes place.

Sounds far-fetched? - just wait and see...

Auditors REFUSE to close 2009/10 Council Audit due to investigations

Due to ongoing investigations following the files of evidence of very serious criminal corruption, false accounting and general mismanagement going on at Conwy County Borough Council that were submitted last Summer, KPMG, the external auditors appointed by the Welsh Audit Office to look into CCBC's affairs, refuse to close the 2009/10 books. Given that the 2010/11 financial year closed in April, this is very significant indeed.

It appears CCBC are the only Council in the entire UK whose audit cannot be closed out (awaiting confirmation from the national audit offices) ... this pretty much tells you all you need to know about the shambolic state of this, the most corrupt Council in the UK.

The corruption isn't just about the pier, in fact far from it... but a lot of things have come out of the woodwork and landed on my desk. Together with a solicitor colleague, 19 different issues were put to the Auditors for investigation, all fully backed up with evidence in the form of the Council's own documents. The farcical Maesddu Bridge alone runs to around £1,500,000 of wasted taxpayers money.

Corruption Exposed...

Conwy County Borough Council - CCBC - is without doubt the most corrupt Council in the UK... read on...

Named and Shamed - Council Officers Exposed

Fraud, Perjury, Secret Meetings, Corruption, Collusion... the list goes on

£125,000 and counting - the cost of Council Corruption

What's happening with Victoria Pier?

The pier is currently closed whilst the malicious bankruptcy brought about by the corrupt Conwy County Borough Council is being dealt with by our lawyers. The Council is under investigation by various official bodies for serious offences committed against the pier's owner. The first Court case against the Council was won on Friday 13th Feb 2009, with more to come.

Various internal CCBC documents proving criminal offences committed by Council Officers are now published here, so you can see for yourself exactly what has been going on the past 4 years.

KPMG are now investigating financial matters concerning CCBC and the pier.