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Named and Shamed... the corrupt officers of CCBC

Here are a number of CCBC Officers / Members exposed variously for the LIARS, CHEATS and FRAUDSTERS they truly are. I have challenged these so-called men to sue me for libel if what I say about them is not true. Unbelievable as it might seem as you read it, the fact is, it is all true, and proven by documents in their own dirty hands.

Further scandal and more names are exposed here

Ken Finch - Acting Chief Executive - LIAR

After managing to get the real Chief Executive (Byron Davies) out of the Council by framing him for rape, which has now been thrown out of court as there was not a shread of evidence, the Council then installed this LIAR from their little clique as acting chief. Byron Davies knew too much about what was going on - not just about the pier, but all manner of corruption costing literally millions of pounds (now under investigation by the Auditors after piles of documents came into my hands). Byron had to go before he upset the cosy little cess-pit of corruption that is CCBC... and so one of 'the boys', Ken Finch, got his feet well and truly under the desk. The corrupt ranks closed in, and now he refuses to budge.

Both David Jones, MP, and Ian Pennington, the Audit Chief from KPMG working for the Welsh Audit Office, asked Ken Finch if the Council were going to buy the pier. Finch told them both "absolutely not" - which is of course a complete and utter lie... this whole scam from day one was about getting their grubby little hands on the pier so they can demolish it and kill off the last remnant of tourism in Colwyn Bay for good.

Kelvin Jones - Senior Recovery Officer - FRAUDSTER & PERJURER

Kelvin Jones LIED to Caernarfon County Court numerous times by stating I owed the Council £5,144.88p, which he always knew was untrue, even before he submitted the first document (with an affidavit stating it was true!) That is PERJURY and ATTEMPTED FRAUD.

Kelvin Jones ALTERED internal computer records to hide money that CCBC owe me in a Council Tax refund (almost £100). This money remained hidden all through the bankruptcy proceedings, and was only revealed after I questioned details in documents and his computer records I obtained AFTER I was made bankrupt. It proves all along that I never owed the Council £5,144.88, since THEY owe ME money, which has never been paid! THIS IS FRAUD, there is no other word for it.

Kelvin Jones wrote to CCBC's external lawyers (DWF LLP) stating he knew I didn't owe the £5,144.88 he previously claimed, but that he wanted to make me bankrupt regardless. What kind of perverse pleasure he gets out of this kind of thing, who knows?... This resulted in DWF submitting a knowingly false written statement to the Judge in the final hearing on July 17th 2008 where I was actually made bankrupt. THAT IS PERJURY & PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE.

Whether Kelvin Jones took it upon himself to commit these crimes against me for his own peverse pleasure, or whether he was directed to do so by some other sick scumbag is as yet unclear. However, Kelvin Jones' name is on every single document that matters, it is Kelvin Jones' computer records I have, and Kelvin Jones had full knowledge right the way through that I do NOT, and never did, owe CCBC the £5,144.88 that he so desperately tried to defraud me of.

Goronwy Edwards - CCBC's former Leader

I offered, in writing, one last ditch attempt to resolve the rates dispute before legal action. I asked Goronwy Edwards to gather up a delegation of suitable officers to come and actually visit the Pier and see how things were progressing, and how the Council and I might WORK TOGETHER to regenerate the pier. He refused point blank to meet me, and to quote an internal memo from his office:
"... your letter is not worthy of a response from me"
CCBC's attitude summed up nicely? What more needs to be said? CCBC, from the top down, ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT TO RESOLVE THIS - all they wanted to do was make me bankrupt for their own ends.

David Smith - CCBC's Corporate Complaints Officer

David Smith Continuously BREAKS THE LAW by refusing to release information under the Freedom of Information Act. CCBC are desperate to stop the truth about the secret meetings they hold about me, their secret negotiations with others about the Pier, and the unconstitutional actions they take on a daily basis being made public. If they are doing nothing wrong, what have they got to hide?
Virtually all of the information I have asked for SHOULD, BY LAW, already be in the public domain. CCBC do not want you, the people who pay their wages, knowing the truth about what goes on behind the firmly closed doors of Bodlondeb.

Here are some Freedom of Information Requests that David Smith REFUSES to answer... what is he so desperate to keep hidden?
What Do They Know? website

Peter Brown - CCBC's in-house Solicitor - LIAR

Click here to see his profile on SOLICITORS FROM HELL website

A Solicitor who LIES to Officers of the Court - he really ought to know better?

Peter Brown LIED to the County Court Bailiffs sent in to CCBC after they REFUSED to pay my legal costs awarded by Colwyn Bay Court in the successful case I won that forced CCBC to release incriminating documents between themselves and their external lawyers, DWF of Manchester. This resulted in a further Court hearing, which again I won. Eventually the Court forced CCBC to pay up, thus proving Peter Brown had LIED in the first place by claiming I had already been paid! - if I HAD been paid, as he falsely stated to the Court, then the Court wouldn't have forced them to pay me a second time, would they?

Irfon Wyn Owen - CCBC's Information Officer - A BANKRUPT LIAR

BANKRUPT - see public records at this link

Irfon Wyn Owen LIED to myself about my requests for information.

Irfon Wyn Owen LIED to the Information Commissioner about my requests for information.

Irfon Wyn Owen unlawfully denied me access to documents CCBC hold about me (proven in a subsequent Court case). This meant I received a completely unfair bankruptcy trial in Court, as I had no access to their 'evidence' and nothing with which to defend myself. This is completely unlawful under Article 6 of the Human Rights Act, (the right to a fair trial) meaning the whole case is totally unsafe and the verdict unsound.

Eryl Rowlands - CCBC's Head of Revenue & Benefits

Eryl Rowlands keeps on cropping up in the background in various parts of this whole sordid affair.

Eryl Rowlands is responsible for a 'sham' Corporate Complaints Procedure, which never actually took place.

Colin Bailey - CCBC's Local Taxation Manager

Colin Bailey - again a name involved numerous times, including being involved in the internal cover-up to hide almost £100 that CCBC owe ME in a refund of overpaid Council Tax - and so complicit in FRAUD committed by Kelvin Jones.

Cllr Chris Hughes - Town & County Councillor

Eww... even typing his name makes my skin crawl... Where to start with this one?

Chris Huges is Chairman (when it suits him to be) of the 'Friends of the Pier' charitable group (FotP)

Chris Hughes has REFUSED to call a meeting of FotP for over 3 years.

Chris Hughes REFUSES to sign any cheques for FotP, thereby rendering the funds held in the FotP bank account worthless.

The FotP members called a meeting when Chris Hughes wouldn't, and unanimously voted him out as Chairman... He turned up at this meeting, declared it 'unconstitutional' as HE had not called it, and REFUSED yet again to resign. At that meeting (a year ago) he stated he would call a "proper AGM" where his chairmanship could be discussed, but surprise, surprise, he REFUSES to call any such meeting, knowing he will get instantly voted out!

Chris Hughes REFUSES to respond to letters from the Secretary of FotP sent to his home address by recorded delivery.

Chris Hughes REFUSES to respond to letters sent to his official Councillor address at CCBC's Headquarters by recorded delivery.

AND YET... Chris Hughes still bleats on about how much good HE has supposedly done for the Pier! What good? - if he was any good at all at his job he would be exposing the corruption within CCBC, but of course he hasn't the guts to say anything, just likes to keep pocketing tens of thousands a year for being on umpteen different committees and doing bugger all of any use...

Here he is quoted over a decade ago - WHAT has he done in the 11 years he's been 'Chairman of Friends of the Pier' ?

Cllr Brian "two-faced" Cossey - County Councillor

Two-faced Cossey (as he's affectionately and quite accurately known round these parts) has infiltrated and completely taken over the good meaning group of locals known as "Pier Pressure". He managed to get rid of anyone who supported calls for justice or sympathised with me in any way, promised the rest of them gold and glory, and convinced them to become complicit in the Council's criminal activities.

Cossey is only interested interested in two things: (a) clambering his greasy way up the greasy pole of local politics, and (b) seeing the pier demolished at ANY COST - after all, local taxpayers are paying for it, not him.

He has been quoted in many Council meetings saying the pier should be demolished. When others point out it cannot be because it is a listed building etc., he just dismisses them. After all, CCBC never care about small technicalities like the Law.


ALL of the above is not mere accusation, or 'sour grapes', it is FACT, and merely the tip of a filty dirty iceberg.

All is proven by their own individual actions, documents in THEIR OWN hand, and files from THEIR OWN computers. Remember, these are the people who YOU are paying a very healthy wage to, whilst they hike up YOUR Council Tax well above inflation yet again!

Again I challenge any of the above individually, or CCBC as a whole, to sue me for Libel if they wish to allege any of the above FACTS are not TRUE.

Come on CCBC...
I dare you...
Your continued acquiescence proves your guilt.